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Transform your Business through Digital Marketing!!!

Hey there!!!
Are you trying to find leads for your business? Or a customer who can buy your various services and products. But wait are you still using the traditional method to approach them?
Well, then you may be wasting your time and money.


Gone are those days when businesses used to promote their products or services through an offline mode like distributing templates, small hoardings, wall posters, etc. It is tough to measure the ROI and also it is irrelevant to some set of audiences.

Getting started with Fundamentals of Digital marketing 

We are in the internet age and your target audience is there now. It is easy to target your niche through digital marketing on basis of age, interests, location, and more.

India has an active internet user of 700 million as of 2020 as per the research by Statista. Imagine the amount of scope your product or services has through digital marketing.

Digital marketing consists of:-

  • Email marketing
  • Social media marketing (Facebook, Instagram)
  • Google ads ( search & display)
  • Marketing automation
  • Search engine marketing
  • B2B marketing ( Linkedin ads)

    Getting started with any of these above marketing methods and understanding where the target audience will yield great results to any business out there. 

Types of digital marketingNow you must be thinking about how to start? where to start? To whom do we reach out to get started with digital marketing for your business?

I have got you covered!! Myself avinash I am a freelancer & my goal is to help small businesses, startups & entrepreneurs. I offer Email marketing, Facebook, google ads, Marketing automation services via digiforhire (my startup). I help businesses understand their target audience and what digital medium will work for them to achieve their business goals.

I have found digiforhire with one goal to help small businesses, startups & entrepreneurs help with lead generation, email marketing, branding, running ads on Facebook, google platforms, setting up marketing automation. My freelancing fees are affordable as I charge on an hourly basis and not one-time hefty fees like in the market.

I am working with two clients at present. 1 is a small business they are into Indoor Sports equipment and 2nd is an entrepreneur who runs an interior design business.

I wanted to share their business transformation stories how they were successful in finding leads and converting them into customers.

Case Study 1

Nature of Business – Indoor Sports equipment
Location – Bangalore
Client Business goal – Interested leads for indoor sports

A plan submitted by me
Targeting – South zone
Age group – 18 to 45
Gender – Male & Female
The digital medium used – Facebook ads

The client was hesitant to spend a huge amount. I convinced him to spend a very small budget of Rs 2000 for the entire 1 month and I generated 285 leads. The cost per lead acquired was just Rs 7 and the client converted 10 leads out of it which generated him a business of Rs 3,50,000. The client was surprised to see the results and now ready to invest in google ads as well.

The client never imagined with a very small budget of Rs 2000 he can generate a business of Rs 3.5 lakhs. This is the wonder Digital marketing can do for any business out there.

Case Study 2

Nature of Business – Interior designing
Location – Bangalore
Client Business goal – Lead generation 

A plan submitted by me
Targeting – Bangalore
Age group – 28 to 58
The digital medium used – Facebook ads & Email marketing

The client had a set of databases and wanted to reach out through email marketing. The setup cost was very minimal. We worked on creatives & USP the business offers. The open rate and click rate were average. The reason behind this was we targeted an irrelevant audience.

Then I started running Facebook ads – Cost per message conversation as the client wanted to chat with leads in real-time and understand their needs and reply accordingly.

The client spent around Rs 5500 for the entire 1 month and generated 600 leads through cost per message conversation. Out of which 50 were interested and 12 are interested out of which 2 already paid an advance of 5 lakhs for their Home interiors and rest 10 leads are still in the converting stage.

Here is one more live example of why digital marketing is cost-effective and the right way to transform your business.

If you are looking to transform your business through digital marketing and interested to start a conversation around it.

Feel Free to reach me here:-  https://digiforhire.com/contact-us/

You can have look at this: https://digiforhire.com/10-free-digital-marketing-tools-to-get-started-with-your-business/